Kunst im Prater: Georgij Melnikov

Georgij Melnikov presents „Sour Cream Krypt“

Opening: Saturday, 04.11.2017 / 7pm
Republik Kugelmugel
Antifaschismusplatz, 1020 Wien

„The potato saga continues, CREAM rules evrething around me,
the Apocalyptic French Fries with the last remembering humans hold the republic, the forgotten and mindless rule the outer world.
At 4 of November starting @ 7pm in the Republic we will gather to the Memories of fat fries and glory. Lets be antiheros and pray to antireligions because the good side is an alternative fact.
hail to the fried potatos, eat it, consume it, always remember to chew and then swallow. never forget.“


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